The Partners

Aimed at bringing together professionals of varying expertise and personality, KnowledgeConsult’s internal management philosophy is to develop a team capable of demonstrating its ability to work together over time.

KnowledgeConsult is led by partners Denis MEINGAN and Gilles BALMISSE, who have been working together for nearly ten years

Denis Meingan

Gilles Balmisse

Denis MeinganDenis MEINGAN worked for more than 15 years in major consulting companies such as Deloitte, Solving International, JMAC Consultants…, where he directed many missions, amongst which : improved R&D performance; Purchasing re-organisation; Information systems design; within major international groups and medium-sized businesses across different sectors throughout Europe, the United States and Japan.

He has a global perspective on trade and industry and their specific needs and development over time, as well as the necessary attention to all elements that ensure a successful outcome for implementation of the multiple aspects of digital transformation within international or national organisations wich is one of the main activity of KnowledgeConsult.

In addition, Denis MEINGAN has developped a specific expertise on change management strategy definition and implementation.

He has participated in numerous collective works. He contributes to various national and international management publications and speaks at conferences in several countries in Europe and North Africa.

Gilles BALMISSEGilles BALMISSE has experience in R&D and business monitoring units within major banking groups, where he accompanied departments and subsidiaries involved in the introduction of new technologies related to collaborative work, natural language processing and business surveillance.

Within KnowledgeConsult, he has participated in numerous projects on the development and implementation of collaborative work, strategic intelligence and knowledge management deployment for major international groups, thus acquiring operational perspective and practical knowledge of inherent organizational and technical issues.

In addition, Gilles BALMISSE is a regular speaker at conferences and professional meetings. He also teaches at several universities and colleges in France and Switzerland, specializing in business monitoring, knowledge management, web 2.0 and information systems. Finally, he is author of numerous books, notably “Du Web 2.0 à l’entreprise (“Web2.0 in business”) and “Guides des outils du KM” (“A guide to KM tools”).

Denis Meingan and Gilles Balmisse are co-authors of « La veille 2.0 et ses outils« (Strategic business monitoring & tools, in French).