KnowledgeConsult advises innovative organisations

KnowledgeConsult has been advising large Groups, medium-sized businesses, territorial agencies and consular organizations since 2003 on how to improve performance or develop innovation capacity through mobilizing their technological, social and intellectual capital.

Providing specialist services adapted to your needs

KnowledgeConsult provides services that focus on implementing knowledge management, networks and content management projects on the one hand; collaborative work, competitive business intelligence and monitoring activities on the other, including change management deployment and associated software tools.

Guiding you every step of the way

KnowledgeConsult contributes at every stage of the process, from the design and strategic planning stages to support in implementation and sustainability at an operational level, including advice on the most suitable technological tools.

With a team you can rely on

The consultants who work with KnowledgeConsult are recognized experts and practicians in these areas. They have  a broad experience, speak regularly at conferences and produce various academic and business publications. Their driving force is to offer innovative solutions that produce concrete, lasting results.