KnowledgeConsult works towards integrating social responsibility as much with clients, proposing socially fair and lasting solutions, as with its own team of consultants and external contacts.

The consultancy actively tries to contribute positively to its environment.

KnowledgeConsult’s philosophy is that the skills and professional involvement of its consultants can assist in creating a more socially harmonious society. Hence KnowledgeConsult’s desire to achieve a direct and lasting impact on the different types of people encountered, for example by teaching students and experienced professionals in Europe and Northern Africa the skills required for business managment, or freely sharing knowledge on Internet. KnowledgeConsult’s activity is not inherently pollutant, despite the fact that consultant travel represents the largest portion of its carbon footprint.

Conscious of this situation, KnowledgeConsult endeavours to constantly limit its carbon footprint.

For this reason, KnowledgeConsult promotes the use of remote working software to reduce business travel. But when unavoidable, consultants opt for the least polluting means of transport available for a given journey. What is more, KnowledgeConsult has established a policy of reduced paper consumption : systematic digitalisation of documents, the use of e-tickets for travel etc. Lastly, KnowledgeConsult encourages its consultants to calculate their carbon footprint on a regular basis in order to measure the impact of professional activity on the environment.