Which methods are best suited to your organisation ?

Whether it be a matter of Total Quality, Project Management, Process re-engineering, Lean management or Groupware, intranet portal, Enterprise 2.0, Semantic web…proposals on how to improve management and information systems over the last twenty years have been numerous and varied. Many of them have gone as far as creating managerial or computing trends.

That is why KnowledgeConsult, rather than committing to such methods, develops and positions expertise towards an understanding and resolution of real business challenges organisations are facing, alone or together with others.

Digital strategy
Enterprise Social Networks
Monitoring competitive intelligence
Adopting or boosting a Enterprise Social Network can have enormous impact : improve effectiveness by breaking down silos and bottlenecks ; develop innovation by connecting experts...
Smart contentCollaborative work
The mass of multimedia and multi-lingual content within organisations is phenomenal; classifying and re-using them or rendering them interoperable is a difficult challenge to take up...Enterprise search engines, whether they be devoted to intranets or the Web, are critical for developing efficiency in teams, innovation, visibility of services provided...
Lessons learned
Deploying communities enables professionals of one or more organizations to share knowledge on common professional issues and questions with the aim of increasing their organisation’s results.
Controlled vocabularyOnline presence and social mediaChange management
Controlled vocabularies (glossaries, thesauraus, frames of reference, taxonomies, ontologies) are the basic element of effective content and data management as they allow teams and information systems to share...Organisations are challenged daily by the definition and development of new and ongoing projects. Research shows, however, that the results obtained are far from those hoped for initially. The reasons...
Tools & Technologies