Implementing change management

Some projects can have disappointing results…

Organisations are challenged daily by the definition and development of new and ongoing projects. Research shows, however, that the results obtained are far from those hoped for initially. The reasons given for this are that those employees most concerned by the projects have simply not been, or are not, involved enough. This is also true of knowledge management, collaborative work and content management projects etc..

…transformed when the organization rallies its employees

By change management, we mean the approaches, patterns and techniques that when used by an individual, a team or an organization as a whole allow the “human element” of projects to be taken into consideration by significantly mobilizing employees.

In this area, in association with our other services, KnowledgeConsult can help on different levels such as :

  • Drawing up a plan for change management that includes the relevant features
  • Implementing the change management plan
  • Defining and deploying specific change management initiatives

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