Defining and implementing a system for monitoring competitive intelligence

Monitoring competitive intelligence is a group of activities that aim to obtain strategic or operational information on market developments and facilitate short- or long-term decision-making as a result.

The increasingly collaborative, partner-based nature of competitive intelligence monitoring

Our approach to defining and implementing competitive intelligence monitoring takes into account its increasingly collaborative and partner-based nature, particularly involving the development of enterprise networks, emerging communities specialized in monitoring, an increase in collaborative work and the rise of social media.

In this area, KnowledgeConsult can help with the assessment and definition of the target program, as well as providing support during implementation, particularly providing assistance on :

  • Giving a framework to competitive intelligence monitoring
  • Defining the processes involved
  • Organising the position within the company
  • Animating a network of professionals in this position
  • Undertaking necessary sourcing
  • Defining the architectural needs of, and selecting and setting up relevant software
  • Support during implementation (pilot and deployment phases)

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