Producing and managing smart content

A multitude of different types of content…

The mass of multimedia and multi-lingual content within organisations is phenomenal; classifying and re-using them or rendering them interoperable is a truly difficult challenge to take up. However, this profusion of content can also transform into a rich resource if used well.

…that can be enhanced by a suitable approach

Whilst content can be produced in different ways, including collaboratively, the smart content approach aims to optimize their structuring and classification. This enables the user to re-use them, link them together and facilitate their combination and navigation, or organize them around functional objectives to put them into context and assemble them by end user target. In the end, it is a question of making them easy to both access and identify in-house or by others and improving SEO.

In this area, KnowledgeConsult provides services to help you :

  • Organize the production cycle, validate, qualify, publish and enhance content
  • Determine which standards and norms are most suitable for managing and circulating multimedia content
  • Choose the most suitable structure of content, metadata schemes, publishing standards and controlled vocabulary for classification and SEO
  • Organize, follow-up and assess test pilots
  • Implement content governance
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