Identifying lessons learned

Learning from past experience

All organizations suffer from a certain “amnesia” when it comes to inhouse knowledge, sometimes having to re-do work that has in theory already been done. Learning from past experience – interactions, decisions and general experience gathered during a project, a working group or an event – is therefore essential, but can provide a few obstacles.

Several methods exist

This type of analytical operation can take on several forms : formalized feedback, establishing best practice, post-mortems, debriefings… it is always a question of identifying, individually or collectively, what was supposed to happen, what actually happened, the reasons for any differences between the two, and any lessons that can be learned.

Whatever the method used, it is important above all to use the factors unveiled during formalized feedback to improve daily work patterns.

In this domain, KnowledgeConsult can help you, in particular:

  • Gather and formalize feedback from professionals or groups
  • Define and apply methodological guidelines
  • Organize and implement practical application of formalized feedback.

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