Enterprise search engines, a critical component of information systems…

Enterprise search engines, whether they be devoted to intranets or the Web, are critical systems for developing efficiency in teams, innovation, visibility of services provided and customer satisfaction. Selecting one, and defining the services required of them, is worthy of much attention.

…but frequently under-used

Optimizing enterprise search engines requires:

  • High quality settings, ergonomic man-machine interfaces and services relevant to end users : faceted search, automatic search extension, recommendation, multilingual search, search suggestions…to guarantee effectiveness
  • Some thought on data models, vocabulary and treatments that enable information to be standardized and aggregated to that the search engine may then be used as a central portal for accessing enterprise content and applications
  • Some thought on how to match available content to end user profile (production, R&D, back office administration, customer service, websites…)

In this area, KnowledgeConsult provides services to help you:

  • Define a strategy for integrating advanced search functions into corporate information systems
  • Optimize and enhance existing enterprise search engines
  • Select and install an enterprise search engine
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