Selected Readings on Information Technology Management

Selected Readings on Information Technology Management: Contemporary Issues

George Kelley

Information Science Reference

Illustrated edition, 2008

Selected Readings on Information Technology Management: Contemporary Issues supplements course instruction and student research with quality articles focused on key issues concerning the management and utilization of information technology. Containing over 30 chapters from authors across the globe, these selected readings in areas such as information systems, knowledge management, and IT governance depict the most relevant and important areas of classroom discussion within the categories of Fundamental Concepts and Theories; Development and Design Methodologies; Tools and Technologies; Application and Utilization; Critical Issues; and Emerging Trends.

Chapter: Technology Trends in Knowledge Management Tools

Gilles Balmisse, Denis Meingan et Katia Passerini (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)

A large number of tools are available in the software industry to support different aspects of knowledge management (KM). Some comprehensive applications and vendors try to offer global solutions to KM needs; other tools are highly specialized. In this paper, state-of-theart KM tools grouped by specific classification areas and functionalities are described. Trends and integration efforts are detailed with a focus on identifying current and future software and market evolution.

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