Accessing content and expertise

A frustrating, time-consuming exercise

Accessing critical information and knowledge within a business is made difficult by the ever-increasing mass of available content. At the same time, it is often a sensitive issue for employees to identify experts within the organization. The weakness in regular search capacity is leading businesses to reconsider how they manage content and expertise as well as how to access it.

To find a solution relevant to each business context, there are various ways of looking at the problem:

>Is is necessary to define a formal organization structure and content management that allows a more precise definition of these elements and so make available content that is more relevant to user activity?
>Should software tools be changed, particularly search engines, or should the existing ones be made better use of?
>Is it really necessary to identify and present employee expertise in a structured, formal way?
>Is it a question of corporate governance?
>Is it possible to make content secure without limiting the sharing of knowledge within the organization?

Making content and expertise available effectively requires some solid groundwork

Effective availability of content and expertise is generally the result of supplementary efforts of time and energy devoted to classifying content, bringing together different content, defining search engine services, managing controlled vocabulary, taking into account networks between experts and actively involving end users.

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