Collaborating effectively within the company and with outside partners

A complex organisation requires a suitably-adapted way of working

Any organization deployed internationally or on multiple sites knows what it is like to see its operations become more complex. Getting the various internal and external parties to collaborate can become a real challenge given the obstacles of distance, language, incompatible working hours… Problems arise that require a new approach include, for example, resolving a shared problem ; designing and launching new products and services ; implementing new computer systems or more generally, seeing any major project through to the end.

Organisations are not always aware of the technologies that enable workers to collaborate.

It is possible to work together without physically meeting, thanks to technological advance. But these new operational opportunities are not always fully mastered within organizations, who are faced with a number of questions :

>How do you direct and motivate members of a team working in different locations?
>How do you make different points of view, from teams located in different place, part of the process?
>How do you resolve problems when the different parties may be internal, external, or belong to varying departments in different countries?
>How do you respect timing and budget on a project without physically exchanging or organizing
>How do you develop a leadership role within a team that you have never met?

Working collaboratively is not only a question of organisation, procedure or information systems ; it is also a matter of human behaviour.

When all elements of the whole are taken into consideration, collaborative work has a real impact on the modus operandi within an organisation.

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