Identifying and implementing the most suitable way of growing and sharing knowledge

Developing and sharing technological or operational knowledge is a well-known theme for organizations, one that has become critical with the increase in globalization, the need to shorten deadlines and integration of technical innovation.

There are several questions to be answered when looking at this subject :

>To get our organization, teams and co-workers up to speed, is it best to implement on-line or physical training sessions?
>Should all documentary material be made available to participants, or just a selection?
>Should we develop on-going communication between professionals or simply obtain support as and when necessary ?
>Or would it be better to gather together key know-how from experienced workers in documentary format and make it available for reference?
>How do we integrate the various initiatives?

Given the development of methods and technologies for increasing knowledge bases, larger organizations are facing increasing difficulty in deciding which is most suited to their specific organization. The choice will depend on time and budget available, as well as results obtained. Whatever the decision, it needs careful thought.

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