Managing personnel movements (arrival and departure)

A business challenge

New recruits may have just finished higher education or joined the business after significant professional experience; depending on this, their integration into the organization will take a different form. In both cases, however, the new employees will need to intake a large amount of information and knowledge. Similarly, when an employee leaves a department or organization, the risk of losing information and knowledge is high; managing to retain the most critical elements for the organization is often a challenge.

Facilitating integration, in the same way as anticipating an employee’s decision to leave, calls for thought on a number of questions :

>Who does what within the organization?
>Do guidelines exist on any one specific area of work? If so, what are they?
>Which expert may I, or should I, talk to on any specific subject area?
>What knowledge should be retained when this employee leaves?
>How should this knowledge be structured and made available afterwards?

Answering these questions in a planned, organised way is a means of accelerating new recruits’ integration whilst preserving useful knowledge developed by those who leave the company.

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