Managing and publishing content and data

Content and data publishing present the same challenges to the media, business and central administration

The media, corporate enterprise and central administration currently face the challenge of offering ever more editorial content to be used on intranets, the Web and mobile applications that are increasingly relevant to target consumers, but that allow productivity gains at the same time. Organisations also have to make structured data available (open data) that can be easily re-used by clients, partners, publishers and citizens…

Effectively managing content creation and publication needs a certain amount of preparation :

>What tools and format should be used to ensure long-term management and re-use of content (text documents, visual imagery, video, audio) within the business?
>What standards should be used to classify the different types of content?
>How should we go about re-using content?
>How can the process of publishing editorial content for the various target consumers be automated?
>How can editorial content be optimized for effective referencing by the major web search engines?
>What tools and standards are best for publishing Linked Open Data on the Web? What best practices exist? What can be gained from them?

Optimal management of multimedia content and their circulation allows productivity gains and improved user satisfaction

Appropriate management of content enables greater automisation of the publishing process, whether it be to select, edit or link them, so guaranteeing significant productivity gains. Moreover, using relevant publication standards; creating links between content; producing theme pages automatically and recommendations all contribute to higher user satisfaction and improved content referencing by the major search engines (SEO).

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