Sharing best practice

Sharing knowledge can benefit the organization

Sharing specialist knowledge can add great value to organizations; industrial groups, delocalized services, commercial agencies of a certain size…regardless of sector, professionals in different locations doing similar, or the same, work, develop manual and  problem-solving skills, alternative practical ideas and generally a specialist know-how worth a great deal.

Sharing best practices can be achieved in various ways and raises several questions :

>Should community members exchange ideas after presenting and reflecting on concrete examples?
>Do we need to define standards to be applied within the organization on a shared digital base?
>Do we need to define and deploy a specific process and connected knowledge base for the purpose of identifying, presenting and sharing best practice?
>Should we identify which experiences are of the highest value amongst those presented, and share them by means of a training course?

Sharing best practices enables improved performance levels

Whatever organisational and technical/technological methods are chosen, it is undeniable that if work is undertaken quickly and to a high standard of quality, results obtained by developing working methods or acquiring technical know-how are substantial.

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