Acquiring knowledge of the business environment and putting it to good use

Innovation requires organisations to plan ahead

If organizations want to maintain a leading market position and innovate, they must plan ahead.

That means continuous surveillance of the market and how it develops, in terms of sectorial, competitive, technological, regulatory and economic perspectives.

Which means organisations are faced with a number of questions :
>What organizational structures and processes are required to gather competitive intelligence effectively?
>Should our in-the-field staff be asked to give their feedback? If so, how?
>What kind of competitive intelligence services should we provide? For whom?
>When and how should we benchmark?
>What software do we need, and at what cost?

Today, it’s impossible to ignore what’s happening in the market if an organization wants to carve out its place.

That is why it is essential for all organizations to select the relevant programs for collecting, capitalizing and disseminating information and knowledge on its business environment, as well as implementing targeted benchmarks.

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